Understanding Emissions

PerTronix Performance Brands offers more 50 State Legal products with CARB E.O.s than any other manufacturer. Understanding emissions is easy if you Know Your Code. PerTronix uses an emission identification placard system to identify applications or use cases in intended markets for each product.

Look for codes 1 through 6 throughout the site on individual product pages to understand the code associated with your application.

PerTronix Performance Brands is committed to providing quality products that are engineered for specific applications and we are diligent about our compliance with applicable Federal (EPA) and State (California Air Resources Board) emissions laws for aftermarket parts.

All PerTronix parts are engineered for specific applications or uses. To be emissions compliant, it is our responsibility as a manufacturer to validate each product is being used or installed on the intended application. This also ensures that our customers have the best possible experience and that all sales are compliant with State and Federal emissions regulations.

PerTronix is committed to compliance while bringing performance to our customers within these guidelines. We continuously work closely with CARB to certify new applications and update and re-test applications as needed to ensure our E.O.s are the most current in the industry.

Click Here to View Emissions Compliance Video