Who We Help

in Pittsburgh and around the World!

PERC dedicates its work to community service in Pittsburgh, and to Rotary International’s service goals.

PERC and the Cameroon Football Development Program

Our club is also committed to Rotary’s International Service goals. 

PERC has supported the CameroonFDP  employs a innovative approach to Football for Good that educates and empowers  youth. We create triple impact in communities in Cameroon by supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • HEALTH (SDG 3): Essential life skills and critical health education for youth participants ages 10-16
  • EDUCATION (SDG 4): Peer educator training, good governance experience, and academic scholarships for player-coaches ages 14-16 who act as mentors and role models
  • INCLUSIVE ECOMOMIC GROWTH (SDG 8) Part-time employment and job skills training for young adults ages 17+  who serve as community leaders.


Pittsburgh East Rotary Club has long been a trustee of KIVA, the international nonprofit organization that facilitates lending to people and startup businesses, in an effort to alleviate poverty. KIVA operates in 82 countries, and has connected 2.2 million borrowers with 1.6 million lenders. See https://www.kiva.org