PERC does teleidoscopes

PERC recently helped a local artist with a fun project installing teleidoscopes around the city of PGH. It was a beautiful day and we were excited to be part of such a fun project!

This project is to help Pittsburghers see their environment as a work of art. The project, City Visions, was conceived by Thomas Koff, and will place ~40 teleidoscopes all around the city for people to discover and enjoy.

A teleidoscope is like a kaleidoscope except instead of looking at beads, glitter or glass in an object cell, a teleidoscope uses the world around you as a subject. Through the scopes people will see trees, buildings, friends, flowers, heck anything around them arrayed in beautiful mandalas. By scattering them across the Burgh we hope it will encourage people to explore parts of the city they haven’t visited or return to old paths with new purpose.